Do I need to have a make-up trial/rehearsal and what actually happens?

Posted by admin on January 2, 2014


This is entirely up to you.  Andrea attends to a number of weddings where the bride doesn’t have a trial/rehearsal.  However it is highly recommended for someone who doesn’t normally wear make-up, has skin concerns, needs advice on skin preparation prior to the wedding or has never had their make-up done professionally before.

If you have a make-up look in mind that you would like to try out, a trial/rehearsal will put your mind at ease.  Let Andrea work with you to design the most flattering final result for you and your bridal party, which will be reflected in person and in your wedding photos.

During your in salon trial/rehearsal that takes approximately 1 - 1.5 hours, we will discuss your requirements as we try out a make-up look to suit your face shape, bone structure, skin type, dress style, wedding theme & colours. This gives you the opportunity to see the finished look and discuss any concerns you might have, wedding day details, time frames and preferences, etc. before the wedding day.