What do I need to do to maintain my spray tan?

Posted by admin on January 2, 2014


Maintaining your spray tan prolongs the life of your tan by offsetting the natural fading caused by the skin’s renewal process. Read these professional spray tan techniques for caring for the spray tan after the session:

Do Not Touch

After your tan has been applied, stand calmly and DO NOT TOUCH IT. Andrea will dry your tan with the heat setting of her spray tan equipment and blot off any excess tan. Wear loose dark clothing while your tan develops.

Avoid Activity

Avoid activities that make you sweat and perspire as your tan can streak. Such activities include sports, exercise, dancing, etc.

Avoid Showers

To preserve your tan it is best not to shower or bathe for at least 1 - 2 hours after it has been applied.

Do not be alarmed when your tan appears to be washing off. This is only your bronzer agent (what is used to guide your technician when spraying). Your beautiful natural tan has now developed underneath.

When you do shower or bathe avoid using abrasive cleansers, peels or scrubs. It is best to also avoid using nylon or other fabrics to scrub your skin (if you do have to use a wash cloth, use a soft one). Try not to rub soap all over the body as this can cause tan to lift – a body wash that has an alkaline base, mild cleanser or an oil is recommended.

Once out of the shower, pat yourself dry gently, no rubbing as this will cause the tan to come off unevenly.

Do no leave tan on for more than the directed maximum time. Andrea will let you know when you will need to wash it off.

Avoid Chlorine

Avoid chlorine as much as you can. Feel free to relax by the side of the pool without actually going in the water, the chlorine can reduce the lifespan of your tan!


The best fake tans are kept looking fresh when you moisturise frequently. To prolong the life of your tan we suggest you moisturise twice a day. Make sure you avoid lotions that contain petroleum, mineral oils or Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – all of these can compromise your fake tan. Instead choose products made specifically to help nourish and maintain fake tans, such as tan extending lotions. The more you moisturise the less likely it is that your skin will peel, and the better your fake tan will look.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated helps your best fake tan last even longer, as well as preventing your skin from peeling. That is why you need to moisturise and keep up your daily intake of H2O!