What make-up products do you use?

Posted by admin on January 2, 2014


As a professional make-up artist, I don’t like to limit myself to one particular brand or range of cosmetics, as I believe that one brand alone can not contain a range of products that will suit everybody’s individual needs.  All of the products I use are highly pigmented, professional-grade, photographic, and long wearing.  This allows me to achieve a natural and fresh look with a flawless finish, that looks fantastic in person and in photos, but without the heavy make-up look and feel.

My kit does not contain over-the-counter make-up nor mineral make-up, which is fine for everyday wear, however is definitely not recommended for photographs.  Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide are the major ingredients in everyday and mineral make-up, which are to be avoided due to the way they ‘flare’ against the photographer’s flash resulting in a ghostly white face.

My make-up kit holds a diverse range of products, including the following brands:

Ardell – False Lash Extensions
Beauty So Clean
Cara K
Cinema Secrets
Harlotte Cosmetics
Model in a Bottle
Model Rock (formally Blync)
Napoleon Perdis
Urban Decay Cosmetics

For airbrushing make-up applications I use an Anest Iwata air compressor and airgun in salon as well as a portable Graftobian air compressor and airgun (with rechargeable battery pack in case of power outages).

Anest Iwata Spray Equipment

The airbrushing foundation, corrector, shimmer, highlighter, blush, and contouring products I use include the following brands:

Elementwo Airbrush
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Other beauty products include:

Caron Brilliance XXX White Wax
Natural Tan
Moroccan Tan